30 October 2021

Eddie Campbell: 45 Graphic Novels of Serious Intent

Alec: How To Be An Artist (2001)
by Eddie Campbell

"Graphic Novel... The term will embody the arrival of an idea; a serious intent will be brought into the common comic and remain as a trend through the last quarter of the twentieth century, perhaps further. The trend will be revealed through attempts to build extended works using the mechanics of the humble comic strip. They are probably to be numbered in thousands. Such a waste of paper is bound to make you wonder if the end result can be worth it. Some will be bad, some dull, perhaps the worst crime a comic can commit. Some will be no more than regular comic books dressed up pretentiously. Some will be well-meaning, some bright. Some may be good even, and just not make my list because I'm a fallible clairvoyant. There will be around four dozen books at year 2001 whose theoretical aggregation (for in reality we cannot expect them all to like each other) will nevertheless imply a worthwhile phase in the human continuum, and to be a part of such a moment is perhaps the longing at the heart of artistic ambition. Needless to say, some of those authors listed will make shorter works superior to the long ones for which I have celebrated them. I am pointing out the landmarks. May a perceptive historian map the ground between and may his book be better than some of the stupidities out there." 
 ~ Eddie Campbell, from Alec: How To Be An Artist

  1. The Cowboy Wally Show (1987)
    by Kyle Baker

  2. by Kyle Baker

  3. Dear Julia (2000)
    by Brian Biggs
  4. by Raymond Briggs
  5. by Raymond Briggs

  6. by Chester Brown

  7. by Chester Brown

  8. by Eddie Campbell

  9. by Daniel Clowes

  10. David Boring (2000)
    by Daniel Clowes
  11. by Howard Cruse
  12. by Will Eisner

  13. A Life Force (1985)
    by Will Eisner

  14. by Will Eisner

  15. To The Heart Of The Storm (1991)
    by Will Eisner

  16. by Will Eisner

  17. Casanova's Last Stand (1993)
    by Hunt Emerson

  18. Tantrum (1979)
    by Jules Feiffer
  19. Violent Cases (1987)
    by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean

  20. Signal To Noise (1992)
    by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean

  21. Mr Punch (1995)
    by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean

  22. Hicksville (1998)
    by Dylan Horrocks

  23. The Jew Of New York (1998)
    by Ben Katchor
  24. Berlin (2001)
    by Jason Lutes
  25. Cages (1998)
    by Dave McKean
  26. adapted by David Mazzucchelli
  27. by Alan Moore & David Lloyd

  28. Watchmen (1988)
    by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
  29. Big Numbers (1990)
    by Alan Moore & Bill Sienkiewicz

  30. From Hell (1999)
    by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell
  31. The New Adventures Of Hitler (1990)
    by Grant Morrison & Steve Yeowell

  32. by Gilbert Hernandez
  33. by Gilbert Hernandez

  34. by Jamie Hernandez

  35. Uncle Sam (1998)
    by Alex Ross
  36. Palestine (1996)
    by Joe Sacco

  37. Safe Area Gorazde (2000)
    by Joe Sacco

  38. by Seth

  39. Gemma Bovary (1999)
    by Posy Simmonds

  40. Jaka's Story (1990)
    by Dave Sim & Gerhard

  41. Going Home (1999)
    by Dave Sim & Gerhard

  42. Maus (1993)
    by Art Spiegelman

  43. The Tale Of One Bad Rat (1995)
    by Bryan Talbot

  44. Goodbye Chunky Rice (1999)
    by Craig Thompson
  45. Jimmy Corrigan (2001)
    by Chris Ware

Eddie Campbell is the celebrated creator of Alec and Bacchus, and collaborator (as artist) with Alan Moore on From Hell. His recent book The Goat-Getters explores the early years of the newspaper strip.

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